Sunday, March 16, 2014

Lucy Elizabeth

Lucy Elizabeth

On Thursday March 13th, Esther and I welcomed Lucy Elizabeth to our family.  Dr. Bill was worried that Esther's water broke without her going into labor, which could lead to infection for her or the baby.  Until that point, our baby had done very well and was only a few days away from her due date so Uncle Bill gave Esther a medicine to induce her labor.

This experience differed greatly from our past births, in some good ways and some bad ways.  Esther was induced at home and we were able to have dinner and take a walk with the kids through the garden in her early phase.  Bill came to check on her shortly after dinner and though she was only three centimeters dilated, suggested we go to the hospital as he felt "this might go pretty quickly."  Turns out he was right, because less than an hour later, after just ten minutes and a few contractions in the labor room, our little girl was born.

Dr. Bill and Staci Rutledge were superb in helping with the delivery and we were back home in just a few hours.

Dr Bill attends the next generation of Crouch births

It sounds picturesque, doesn't it?  Laboring at home, going to the hospital for a few hours to make sure mom and baby are safe, then coming home to start the process of bringing this little life into our family.  In some ways it is.

But what if it weren't?  I would by lying if I didn't confess a good deal of anxiety leading up to this delivery, and some remaining as we wait for Lucy to feed well and regain weight while she suffers from a little jaundice.

 The reality here remains that most moms and babies do well, no matter what we do for them.  But for those who suffer severe complications, the risks are great.  Newborn asphyxia, respiratory problems, prolonged labor and neonatal infections killed six babies in my first few weeks here.  Separating my little Lucy from any of those fates is God's grace.

  Coming to Kudjip while Esther was pregnant challenged me to trust that God would provide for our safety.  I also came to terms with the idea that I didn't control the outcome for Esther or our baby - and that my obedience in coming here was more important than what that outcome might actually be.

"Surely in whatever place my lord the king shall be, whether in death or life, even there also your servant will be."  -2 Samuel 15:21

Gratefully God blesses us with good things most of the time.  But as His servants, our willingness to follow Him shouldn't really depend on what good things we get.  Our commitment walking in Christ's footsteps should be as servants, whether in life or death.  Even as I write that, my heart skips a beat knowing that as yet, I've not faced a great sacrifice in my family for His service.  

I pray that He would give me strength and that His favor would continue to bring us life and blessings.

Thank you for your thoughts and prayers toward us in this time, and praise God with us that Lucy is here!


Happy St. Patrick's day


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