Thursday, December 14, 2017

Nearly there ...

What a privilege to see so many of you these past weeks.  It is hard to believe that in just less than a month we will be going on to the UK to visit Esther's family before heading back to Papua New Guinea.  Through our open houses we've shared stories and the great challenges facing the highlands where we live and work - but tried to convey the great hope that we have in the coming years of our service there.

With several doctors retiring in a short span of time, Kudjip will be busy tending to patients, reaching out into the community, making disciples and training the next cadre of health workers for Papua New Guinea.  We continue this work called to an important task, challenged by a difficult place, but motivated by a matchless love - that Christ would give himself sacrificially as an example to follow.

We are grateful to our new prayer and financial partners that have joined with us after hearing about our desires and our needs to continue working at Kudjip.  We are nearly to our monthly support goal and trust that the remaining need will continue to be provided through those who are called to join with us.  Not all can physically go to Papua New Guinea but many have already put virtual boots on the ground by sending their prayers and financial support to the patients we treat, people we teach and communities we touch.

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