Friday, July 26, 2013

Missionaries in Waiting

Waiting Game

As you may see on the right, we have passed our initial startup funds needed to move to Papua New Guinea!  We have also heard from our agency's field coordinator that our funding has reached a level sufficient that we can purchase our tickets.  I have felt a strong affirmation in this regard as our financial need was personally weighing on me.  But God has been faithful.  We are still lacking some of our monthly support required to maintain our ministry on the field.  I trust that situation to the Lord wholeheartedly - thank you to those who have begun sowing into our ministry so far and for those who will begin your gifts soon!

The other side of this coin is all of the logistical requirements for moving our family to Kudjip.  In order to work there, I will need a PNG medical license and permission to work approved.  Once these are granted, our family can obtain visas to serve as aid workers from the embassy in Washington D.C.  Although I applied in May, it is something of a waiting game and I have heard from one of our friends and an administrative coordinator in the field that it could be a six month process.  Our target for moving to PNG is this Fall, and our housing and my employment in the states has been built around this timeframe.

Please pray that licensing, work permits and visas will be processed quickly and smoothly.  Also that our situation in terms of housing and working to pay bills in the States would be sufficient while we wait for our departure.  And finally that the during next two months, while I am working part-time, our family could start to pack, bundle, ship, and transition our lives as we make the move overseas.

We will be in Tulsa through the end of September with a few excursions to some nearby cities.  If you would like to get together before our departure let me know!

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